May 4 2008

How to shrink an MP3s size using Audacity

If you are like me, chances are you already have a cell phone with an MP3 player. The problem with most of these cell phones is that they have small storage memory and they don’t accept a memory card.  So after putting a song or two on my phone I found out that I was low on memory. To solve this problem, I discovered that I had to re-encode my MP3 songs to make their size smaller before I send them to my phone. In this tutorial, I will show you how to shrink the size of your MP3 songs so you can listen to them on your phone.
Begin by downloading Audacity from here and installing it. You can also get a portable version that doesn’t need installing from here.
Next, you have to get the lame encoder which allows Audacity to export MP3 files. Uncompress it anywhere on your hard drive. I saved it in “C:\Program Files\Audacity\Lame.”
Now, open your MP3 file in Audacity by clicking on File then Open.

MP3 are encoded at different bit rates. The higher the bite rate the better the quality and the bigger the file size. What we want to do is re-encode the MP3 at a lower bit rate to make its size smaller. To set the bit rate in Audacity press Ctrl + P to open preferences. Go to the File Formats tab.

Click on the Find Library button and browse to where you saved the lame encoder then select lame_enc.dll. Now we can set the bit rate. The default is 128. Setting it t 64 or less should be fine.

The final step is to export the file at the lower bit rate. Click File -> Export As MP3… choose where you want to save the file, give it a name and hit save. Congratulations, you’re done.
Here is the different result of re-encoding the same file at different bit rates:

Bit Rate
128 (Orig.)
64 kbps
48 kbps
32 kbps
File Size
5.20 MB
2.58 MB
1.93 MB
1.28 MB

Oct 18 2007

Pictures of the Sunken Garden at De Anza

Here are some pictures of the Sunken Garden at my college De Anza. Please tell me what you think.

[ click on the image to enlarge ]


Sep 29 2007

Challenged by new Technology!

This is hilarious, the manual for the book is a book.

Sep 29 2007

Three Scholars Reply to the Atheists

“Is there any proof that God exists?” was asked, by an atheist, of Imam Abu Hanifa and he replied, “Forget it! At the moment, I am busy thinking about this ship.
People tell me there is a big ship, it contains different goods on board. There is no one to steer it, no one maintaining it. Yet, this ship keeps going back and forth; it even traverses big waves on the oceans; it stops at the locations that it is supposed to stop at; it continues in the direction that it is supposed to head. This ship has no captain and no one planning its trips.”
The atheist who posed the question interrupted and exclaimed, “What kind of strange and silly thought is this? How can any intelligent person think that some thing like this can occur?”
Imam Abu Hanifa said, “I feel sorry about your state! You cannot imagine one ship running without some one looking after its affairs. Yet you think that for this whole world, which runs exactly and precisely, there is no one who looks after it, and no one owns it.”
Imam Shaa’fi replied to the question in the following way, “The leaves of Toot (berries) are all but one. Each leaf tastes exactly the same. Insects, honeybees, cows, goats, and deer live off of it. After eating these the insects produce silk; bees produce honey; deer give musk (a special kind of scent), cows and goats deliver off-springs. Is this not clear evidence that one kind of leaf has so many qualities, and who created these qualities? It is the Creator who we call Allah (S.W.T.) Who is the Inventor and the Creator.”

Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal reflected on the question in the following way. He said, “There is an incredibly strong fort, it has no doors, there is no way to get in. In fact, there is not even a hole in it. From outside it glows like the moon and from inside it shimmers like gold. It is sealed from all sides, matter of fact it is airtight. Suddenly one of its doors breaks down, a living thing with eyes and ears, a beautiful looking animal appears yelling and wandering all over. So is not there a creator who made it possible for life to take place in this secured and closed fort? And is not this Creator better than humans? This Creator has no limit.” Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal was referring to an egg which is closed from all sides but Allah (S.W.T.) The Khaliq (Creator) puts life in it and a chick pops out.

Sep 24 2007

My Lifecast

I just opened an account on They basically allow you to broadcast your webcam online very easilly. Some people actually carry a camera with them wherever they go all day, but I can’t do that because I don’t have a WAN connection or a wireless camera, but I can still broadcast every once and a while from my apartment using my laptop camera.

Here is the link to my lifecast:

The password is 1234.